Booking an appointment

During our meetings we will find the cause of your problems in every sense of the word, including in the health sense and will advise and help you get rid of them.

You can book an appointment with me via the contact above.

Any request for an appointment and/or help sent to any number other than 0948 140 410 will be ignored and will not be answered.

I don’t need any health or other information from you, except for one most important thing about your health or life situation, which you don’t tell me, but to my assistant, who gives you an appointment. The reason is just so that the spiritual world can see that you are able to at least clearly formulate what troubles you the most.

During the meeting with me, I will look at the chakras, meridians, organs, your psyche – all life situations.

I will find the cause and remove it in accordance with your soul’s plan, therefore, in addition to your health condition, your relationships and life situations will also be adjusted and cured.

I will inform you in detail about all of this.

Booking instructions


Wednesday - Friday: 10:00 - 11:00


+421 948 140 410

We behave politely and respectfully

Everything that is not in accordance with your soul’s plan will be cleaned and adjusted during the session.

You will receive detailed health, psycho-emotional, and relationship recommendations from me that will put you back on your path.

The assistant only gives appointments, she is not your healer or psychotherapist. Therefore, save her from sending photos of your health issues and from lengthy descriptions of your living situation. She helps me with love and voluntarily, so I ask you to be polite and show extreme respect towards her. She is my assistant. Therefore, apart from the date and time of the appointment, do not ask her for any other information – connections, transport, etc. She is extremely nice and helpful, so I ask that you do not bombard her with repeated text messages and emails, but wait patiently until she attends to your request. It is not uncommon that technology sometimes fails and a text message or mail does not always reach the recipient.

The assistant and I treat you politely and respectfully and it is expected from you to treat us both also politely and respectfully under all circumstances.

In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and childishly immature excuses, it is expected that everyone makes their own appointment. If you book an appointment for someone else, or for several people, the person must absolutely know about it and agree to it.

The only exception is people in a coma. Only a direct blood relative can make an appointment for them. That means the child to the parents and the parents to the children. In some exceptional cases, a spouse.

It is not right to impose help on anyone that they do not want and do not agree with. Energetically and spiritually, it will add hardship to everyone involved.

We also help remotely

We also help remotely, where I will also diagnose and inform.

Not via telephone conversation, not via Skype, viber, etc. – I will not communicate with you on the specified date. On the contrary, I stand by you. I will diagnose you, I will solve what needs to be solved, you will get help in every sense of the word. Health, psychoemotional, mental, family and work and company relationships.

I will record all the information for you, the assistant will always forward the recording to your email on the same day. In this case too, wait patiently.

I will program the exact time of the therapy, so it doesn’t matter if you are in Canada, Australia, Slovakia or the Czech Republic, the therapy will take place at the agreed time.

Write your reactions in the first three weeks after our help, i.e. feedback, in short 3-4 sentences in an SMS message to the number 0948 140 410.

This step, i.e. feedback is only necessary if you want me to continue helping you.

I consult and communicate with you ONLY and ONLY during a personal meeting and in recordings. Therefore, send your most important questions, a maximum of three, via text message before remote therapy. This only applies to remote therapy. Of course, I will answer all of them during the personal meeting.


Another way to help is – I will buy a crystal, clean it of all harmful energies and program it for you for literally anything you need – except from hurting others, or more specifically harming others.

Don’t bring me crystals. Only runes made by you, or crosses if you want to bless them.

I will consecrate CROSSES and RUNES for you, ONLY in personal contact, because I will tune them to you.

The crystal will be your perfect servant, it will perfectly fulfill what I program it to do. For example, to adjust blood pressure, remove unbearable body pain, shrink and remove tumors, clean and protect apartments, premises, from other entities, including harmful radiation, including 5G, geopathogenic zones, also helps to increase profit in shops, hotels, restaurants – all-round help in what you need most.

One program = one crystal

Crystal has a program closed by me.

If it breaks, each fragment continues to fulfill the given program perfectly. The crystal lives from me, therefore it is not necessary to clean it with water, charge it in the sun, only if it is good for your psyche.

You don’t need to shove it into anyone’s hands unnecessarily, but if someone grabs it, the program will delete itself. Because the crystal only listens to me.

Only I can delete or change its program.

Spiritual principles

I have ordained in the past in various places, also in other states, I am looking forward to seeing you in Starý Smokovec.

Considering the way we help you, I kindly ask you to keep the agreed appointments. Imagine that you are waiting for an appointment and someone who has it does not call it off at least 48 hours in advance, thus not giving you a chance. Therefore, cancel it at least 48 hours in advance.

Yes, there are also sudden, unpredictable situations when you may not be able to cancel the appointment in time.

In that case, as I mentioned above, you will automatically receive remote therapy, as I mentioned above.

It is for the reason that I prepare for the appointment with you the night before, when I will summon help and energy for you for the given specific time.

If you do not show up, I will send these energies to you remotely, as I mentioned above. These are spiritual principles, failure to follow them will cause difficulties for each of us. You and me.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to keep the agreed appointments very correctly, maturely and honestly.

Childish excuses, such as we didn’t know, we forgot, we won’t come, we changed our minds, won’t help you will not be accepted.

After agreeing on the date, the spiritual principles begin to work.

One can never bypass spiritual laws.

Prices and payment terms

For discreet reasons, we do not publish therapy prices or payment methods. You will receive all instructions regarding therapy and payment details, via email after ordering therapy. By bindingly confirming the appointment confirmed by payment, the patient gives full consent to therapy by MUDr. Mikuláš Štefan during personal therapy or remote therapy. Money is returned to patients only on the condition that the therapy does not take place for any reason, is canceled or the patient cannot participate in the therapy for a previously justified reason and the therapy cannot be moved. If the therapy takes place remotely or in person, the payment in this case is non-refundable and it is not possible to complaint or question the therapy.

Follow the instructions

During the consultation, please do not wear any aromatic substances such as perfume, aftershave, fabric softener, hairspray or cigarette smoke (please do not smoke at least 2 hours before the appointment).

By not complying, you are harming yourself, you will dull my senses with these scents and I will not be able to diagnose you and you will receive a weaker therapy.

As well as metal objects (belts, jewelry) weaken the therapy.

At the same time, we ask you to be punctual when arriving for therapy and, if possible, please read the book The Legacy of the Sunflower before the therapy.

In the event of an acute illness during the past two weeks (flu, cold, cough, smallpox, herpes zoster with blisters, i.e. acute infectious diseases), please contact us to change the appointment.

The doctor is not a general practitioner or a robot, he can get infected and you will deprive people of his help with your ruthlessness.

If the doctor sees symptoms of an acute illness, he will help you through the door, as well as with any strong smell he can smell – that is, at a distance, as we mentioned above.

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