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The Legacy of the Sunflower – Audiobook + Book

The bestseller is now also available as an audiobook.


MUDr. Mikuláš Štefan was born and raised in Slovakia. He studied medicine at Charles University in Prague. After graduation, he worked as a pediatrician. In addition to medical practice, he is also engaged in alternative treatment, for which he uses his exceptional skills. He currently works as a private doctor in Slovakia. He passes on his findings and knowledge to healers from all over the world at esoteric congresses. The book was created based on the questions and answers of the author and his clients. It is the story of Samuel, who remembers all his lives and the skills acquired in them. In the individual chapters, it moves through time from the present to the ancient past, through space and events. He describes the events he experienced, spiritual matters and energies, but especially the ability to help others. He also deals with the correct direction of perception and understanding of interpersonal relationships and solving difficult life situations. Readers who feel insecure, who do not understand difficult life situations, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, illness, dysfunctional relationships, are guided by how to find contact with their soul and how to understand why they experience all this and how to make it as least painful as possible get over. IN STOCK – we send the book immediately.

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