Follow these instructions

Please do not wear any aromatic substances during treatment,
such as perfume, aftershave, hairspray and the like, cigarette smoke
(Please do not smoke at least 2 hours before the appointment).

Please do not wear any metal objects (belts, jewelry) during treatment.

Please be punctual when arriving for treatment
and if possible, please read the Sunflower Legacy book before treatment.
Please knock at least 5 minutes before the deadline.

For a personal meeting, it is correct to be free of snot and cough for at least 3-4 weeks,
without heavy breathing in the chest, feeling of pressure – no symptoms.
If the doctor sees symptoms of an acute illness, he will help you through the door,
as well as any strong scent he smells.

The price for therapy is €200. It is paid in cash at the doctor’s office.

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